Pets are wonderful...but they need LOTS of care. First, ask yourself, "Am I responsible enough to love, feed, bath, and lots more while balancing the rest of my life?" If you know for sure, ask your parents. If they agree, you'll probably get a pet. If not... God has a reason for that.


OK. We all admit we probably like somebody. Maybe, they don't like you back. Here's some advice on what to do.

You're to young, You'll probably find that special someone LATER! But we still have advice.

 Be yourself. Trying to be somebody else is to hard. Everybody will probably notice it and your crush will to.God made you special. He made you for a reason!!

Peer pressure. You're buddy's know you like somebody. They dare you to ask them out.Well don't. D-O-N-T. He/she probably isn't you're #1 pick. DON'T DO IT!!! Later you'll be glad you didn't.


Food,My favorite food I'd say is spaghetti but we all have are favorites!! Especially candy and ice cream well my advice to you is to not eat so much of that because later in life it might affect you.. I know you here this all the time from your parent so just reminding you to  brush your teeth after you eat your food ! ! ! ! (;


Parents. They are well sometimes bothering and embarrassing but no mater what they will always love you(: I know you have heard that before but you know its true!! Just remember life is short, so remember it... tell your parents you love them every day. God bless you and your family!!